It is been a while since the last post… To be honest, we have been really busy with work, travels, duties and deciding the next steps of our careers and, moreover, our lifes. I think it is really important to commit to the purposes of having a blog about ourselfs and our personal choices on food, sites, fashion and beliefs. Everything that is worth, takes time.

Hence, as the weather is showing the first symptoms of spring and here in Spain that means long afternoons with a glass of wine, here we go with a post about fashion trends for the next few months!

For me this means maxi dresses, t-shirts, blush and a wavy long hair along with a hot tan… Buh sounds like Heaven to me…


So, calling all the ladies out there, let’s get this party started!

First things first, I personally adore this new trend of fishnet tights under boyfriend or mom jeans, superb.

Image result for fishnet tights under jeans

Image result for fishnet tights under jeans

Calzedonia has different models:

This one for only 14’95€


Or only socks for 3’95€:


Or this ones for 9’95€:


ASOS has this ones, perfect when wearing shoes because you will avoid marks:


Looks like it is also the moment of bodies, especially 80s high legs and V neck ones:

Missguided has many different options, from basic to fancy pieces:

This khaky V neck body for only 23€:


Or this one, which I will order asap (48€):


TOPSHOP – 46€:

ZARA – 15’95€:


H&M – 14’99€:


ASOS – 6,49€


As we are arriving to summer, it is swimsuit time:

LA REVEGE it is an italian brand that has stole my whole damn heart:

ASSUAN in WHITE, 195€ (they have it also in black and other color combinations):


Also from LA REVECHE, the model DASHA BANDEAU, in black:


Pineapple luv – 30.00€ and 15.00€:

Clarissa Floral Vintage – 40€ and 15€:

Forever21 – Bae Watch Graphic One-Piece, 20€:


Shirts and blouses are everywhere, I like the girly wavy touch ones!



MANGO, blue cotton shirt – 22,99€:


 ASOS, Premium Structured Cotton Cold Shoulder Top With Contrast Strap – 53,33€:


Lavish Alice, Nude Ruffle Sleeve Belted Dress – £78.00 (80€)


Bardot is officially a thing:

River Island, White cold shoulder frill sleeve top – 37,00€


TOPSHOP, TALL Spot Frill Bardot Mini Dress – 50€


* The same dress is in petite and tall and the price is the same 🙂

Urban Outfitters, Bardot Luna Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress – 109,00€


J. Crew, Off-the-shoulder top in gingham – €73,86


Nelly, Bardot Sherring PLaysuit – 39,95€


Bustiers are in velvet, leather, sintetic, crochet…

Urban Outfitters, Cooperative Cherriane Gingham Bustier Top – $54.00 (53€)


TOPSHOP, Knitted Crochet Bralet – 29,00 €

Sin título.png
Sin título.png
Sin título.png
Sin título.png
Sin título.png
Sin título.png
Urban Outfitters:
Sin título.png
That’s all folks, we hope you find something fancy above! The links to the online shops are attached to pictures or in the name of products!
Whole lotta love!
HLS xxx
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Hiking and eating in Montserrat


Lots of things happened since the last post!

This weekend we visited a really beautiful place in the region we live, in Catalonia. The mountains of Montserrat are a range of mountains in the area of Bages, between Manresa and Barcelona

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 14.32.48.png

The journey from Roses, where we live, is about 2 hours through the “Eix transversal” (Cross road), and the access to Montserrat is pretty easy. Another way to get there without a car is the train or the cable car all the way to the Monastery.

Once you get there, one of the first things your eyes will appreciate are the characteristic form of the mountains:



The story of the Abbey of Montserrat is well known in Spain:




After a short hike on the sorrounding area, we had a reservation for lunch in a recommended restaurant down hill in Monistrol de Montserrat, which is a town 9 km away where the prices are not as expensive as in the Monastery.

The restaurant is called “La Rectoria” and they only open during the weekends for lunch and dinner (they do not even have a web site, so try calling and book for a table). La Rectoria offers a menu of 2 dishes, drinks and dessert for 18€ (taxes included). Their offer is quite rich with a wide range of 8 choices or so per dish. We all had a splendid time, the place is kind of hidden and the ambient was really nice and calm, this is definetely not a place where tourists go 🙂


I was overwhelmed with the quality, I had onion soup with cheesy bread on top and as second dish a super juicy “toasted sucking pig” (this is one of the spanishness dishes ever that one who loves food must try once if visiting La Península).


In the picture below one may appreciate two sauces on the right side, the one on top in a white color is All-i-oli with a touch of peach (I was rejoicing, it was absolutely agggghhhhhh <3) and the one under was a creamy sweet potato sauce, which was really nice all along the meat and some bread.

For the record, All-i-oli is a popular sauce that in Spain we love; it is mainly made with garlic, sun flower oil and salt, ding ding ding baby.


And finally, as we were celebrating my birthday, I made a cake :$

Hello bomb shell!
Rich slices of almond and creame cheese + raspberries and white cream on top… ❤
I was about to cut the cake when my mom told me that she needed the cake (oops)


This baby is a thing I’ve been willing try for a while 🙂 It is made of rich almond crêppes, raspberry compote and covered in a fluff of heavy cream and creme cheese. I found it was really good but my relatives said it wasn’t rich enough, well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison!


And with this song I say au revoir :*

I hope a gang of puppies kiss you sometime this week!





Oman – The  undiscovered pearl of Arabia

Well, it’s time that I explain a little about my stay in Oman.

Oman is located in Asia, in the Middle East area. This country shares borders with the United Arab Emirates (in the north), with Saudi Arabia  ( in the west), with Yemen  (in the south) and with the Indian Ocean (in the east). 

Its capital is Muscat and it’s located by the coast.

Oman it’s known to be a very natural country. One of the main attractive things it’s that they keep the traditions and the culture as it is, showing to their visitors how the famous “Arabic hospitality” is.

That is the main thing I really like about the Omanis (maybe as a contrast to the western way of life). There I found one of the most nice and kind people I have ever known, they wanted to help you and care about you with nothing in return. Apart from being far away from my home, my family, my friends, etc. there I felt like I was already in my home, getting to the point that I didn’t want to go back to my hometown.

I was learning Arabic in a city called Ibri, located in the north-west side of the country. The school where I was studying, was the Noor Majan Training Institute. I really recommend the people that want to improve their Arabic to have a look at their programmes, they really help me to improve my speaking and listening skills to the level that I wasn’t afraid to keep and have a conversation.

On my free time (during the weekends) I visited a lot of places across the country. Below I will show you some of my favourite places:

I visited the desert with the school and all the students. We went to a resort to stay the night there and for me it was one of my favourite experiences. We were able to sleep outside watching the stars and the sky, so it was a very relaxing and peaceful  moment.

This one is Sur, a city in the coast. Sur it’s one of the most important cities in the country due to its fish activity.

This is a hole that we found in a random park that we went to have lunch.

We visited also one of the biggest mosques in the world: The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, located in Muscat.

That one is the Wadi Shab, the most beautiful wadi around the Omani coast. In the end of the course of the river we can found a cave, that show us the worth of the 2o min of swimming across there.

That photo shows one of the typical scenarios of Oman. An Omani walking around the channels of an oasis. This one is in the small town of Misfat Al Abreyeen.

So here it’s  sneak peak of what you can see if you want to visit this country. If you like the Arabic culture, the sports, the nature and the adventure, that is the best place for you.

Cozy autumn songs for driving

Are you a fall junkie? Then this post is for you!

I love to drive, doesn’t matter if it’s cold, sunny, rainy or windy, there’s something about listening to music in the car that makes it ideal.

I have plenty of playlists but is during this season that I feel like a purr that makes my heart melt to cozy songs, you know, not cheesy but nice melodies, harmonious and peaceful. As I am writing this I realise how weird it may look, but give it a try and you may understand what I mean 🙂

A real hero – College & Electric Youth


I just discovered this song like 2 days ago while watching Ryan Gosling’s movie “Drive”, it really sums up what I mean! PLUS we are talking about Ryan Gosling!!!!!!!!!

Holocene – Bon Iver

bon iver.gif

C’mon, if there’s a group that can relate to autumn is Bon Iver <3, and the chorus of this song is just so oh-my-GOD!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

American Pie – Madonna 

giphy madonna.gif

Maybe because it’s pie season or because this is a classic hit that any of us can remember, this song nails it every time, plus it gives really nice vibes 🙂

At Your Best (You Are Love) – Frank Ocean

giphy frank ocean.gif

I am so into Frank Ocean that whoa! This man touches my soul, I literally rejoice ❤ His music is full of piano pieces and the quality of the combo (voice + melody + rhythm) is a winner EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

So this song is from the Isley Brothers, later Aaliyah made a cover and when Frank Ocean dropped his visual movie (ENDLESS) this song played as intro.

Maybe – London Grammar


London Grammar’s main vocal singer has a strong but yet delicate voice that makes any of their songs a hit, play it!

There She Goes – The La’s


This song brings me back memories because I am a big Gilmore Girls fan and it was played on the first episode at the very beginning of the 1st season!!

Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles


I’ve never been to Georgia (neither the state nor the country) but I can tell how this song gives me inner peace. I can imagine myself in a kitchen from the 60s baking pie and listening to Ray Charles while the brown-orange leafs fall from the trees LOL

People – Barbra Streisand


People… people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. No more words needed 🙂

Do You… – Miguel

giphy miguel.gif

Hmmmm… This song is chameleonic, I’d use it either for foreplay, dinners, car rides, dressing up and so on. What can I say? The guy is damn hot!

Someday – Mariah Carey

giphy mariah.gif

Most of the times when I’m driving I’m also performing so this song is just perfect: 90s, sunsets, crop tops, heartbreak and MC singing = YASS BITCH YASSS

——————- TO BE CONTINUED ——————-

It’s late and the weekend is (almost) over, tomorrow another week is saying hallooooo so I want to sleep 8 hours tonight 😛

Good night, sleep tight!



There’s something about fall that I just love… The smell of cinnamon, all pumpkin everything, cozy clothes, the orange/brown mix of colors outside… Ah boy, life’s good 🙂

Helloooooooo 🙂

There’s something about fall that I just love… The smell of cinnamon, all pumpkin everything, cozy clothes, the orange/brown mix of colors outside… Ah boy, life’s good 🙂

So yes, I am a fall junkie and that’s why I  welcome the season with a nice recipe that I have been willing to make for a while… Please welcome my pumpkin ravioli with calabrese sauce.

I made the dough following the simple instructions of Laura Vitale from Laura in the Kitchen, I swear by her recipes, they are easy, tasty and super yummy!

The filling is made of pumpkin and ricotta, basically. My sister and I are just caught by tagliatella’s cuore di zucca (hearts filled with creamy pumpkin and ricotta) alla calabrese (a sauce made of dried tomatoes with some pinon nuts, parmiggiano and basil).

The good thing about ravioli is that you can actually fill the dough with whatever your heart desires, like lobster, meat, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, pear…

Let’s get to work, the ingredients are pretty simple:

A) Ingredients for the dough

  • 3 eggs
  • 2 and 2/3 cups of all purpose flour
  • salt
  • water

Recipe in Laura in the Kitchen 🙂

B) Ingredients for the filling:

  • A pumpkin (I actually only used half)
  • 180-200 g of fresh Ricotta
  • 4 good spoons of good quality parmiggiano
  • Salt
  • Pepper

As for the instructions, this couldn’t be easier  🙂

First of all you want to do the pasta dough so you can let it rest for half an hour in the fridge, then is ready for you to work on it.

Once you have done the dough, cut in half the pumpkin and remove the seeds, then roast the babe for 40 minutes or until tender. I sprinkled some olive oil, salt and pepper on it.



Once you take out the pumpkin from the oven, let it rest for 10 minutes; in the meantime you can mix the ricotta, parmiggiano with salt and pepper and proceed to work with the pasta dough.


Your pasta dough must look something like this:


Cut the dough in 8 pieces and spread each into the pasta machine, the result will look like:


Then is as simple as adding the filling, be careful: leave some space between each, otherwise your ravioli will have excess of filling and it may lose some while boiling the pasta, trust me, you don’t want to lose any of this 😛


And the result…


I had to taste it asap so…


Finally I made a calabrese sauce, that is just so simple: cut one onion and some garlic –> poach it with some extra virgin olive oil –> add dried tomatoes, basil and some modena vinegar –> once it has evaporated and has a nice texture add the nuts (I used almonds but traditionally you use pinon nuts) and the parmiggiano; sprinkle some salt and pepper… –> add the ravioli – which have been boiled before of course – –> and voilà, feed your soul!


Well, my craving obsession with fall did not end there, so I had a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE  (sorry for not being sorry) 🙂


And now I feel like I have spread some joy in the world so I am going to do something constructive with my life, like my degree thesis 🙂

Have a nice Tuesday! 🙂


Try to know and discover yourself

Well, my next adventure it’s about to start. I’m at the airport alone, waiting for the boarding call while I’m looking to all the people around me. Some of them are traveling with their friends, some with their families, with their partners, etc. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about all the random people that we keep meeting in our lives. People that, maybe, are sitting next to us during some kind of journey and then, when we arrive to our destination, we all move away and everyone continues their own journey.

Do you think people are finding each other for some reason?

Even if you are sitting next to somebody in the train and you just talk for like an hour and then each one go. Do you think that the universe has put this person right on time next to you for any reason? I think, yes. All of the people that I’m meeting in my life are there for a reason, maybe for a bad or a good purpose. But it’s in those moments, when I’m travelling alone that I start thinking about myself and all the things that are happening in my life. And I slowly began to see all the things clear like “when you take off a bandage from your eyes”.

The main purpose of this post is encourage you: once in a lifetime, you should try to go somewhere alone. You don’t even know how many things you can learn about yourself, the things you can be able to do, figure out your future, etc.

My next destination it’s not a common place to go, when I said to my friends where I wanted to go, most of them had the same reaction: “oh, but aren’t you afraid to go alone? A woman alone going around that zone, isn’t it dangerous? Why don’t you go with a man?”. Well, I’m going to a country located in the Middle East, and on the one hand, I can understand those type of questions, due to the  troubles nowadays in those countries. But, guys, you never have to be afraid to go wherever you want, even if you don’t go with a man (in case of girls) or the zone you want to travel it’s known to be a little “risky”. I think, we always stop doing things just because of the “what may happen next” and this is a huge bad mistake because then you stop living and you began to enter on the easy ways and comfortable zones. So, if one day you decide to go some place far away, first, learn about the place and after, GO. Just go, and live it. Nothing bad has to happen if you are aware.

Getting back to the “once in lifetime you should go to a place alone”, it’s an important point on our lives (if you are in your 20’s better). I’m in a moment right now… let’s say confusing. I’m trying to figure out what’s the best decision to do (professionally) in the few years ahead and also, actually, figuring out my relationship with all the people that I have around. I have some struggles there, I am sure they will get clear after this period on my own.

Sometimes being around the people you know it’s a little bit confusing and you become comfortable. Going by your own can give you the chance to meet new people, with new ideas and different thoughts and you can be inspired as long as you see new places and maybe, then you realize what do you really want to do or what do you really need.

So let’s be brave and try to do things that, for once, we never imagined we were able to do.


Due to the topic we are going to discuss, today’s post will be written in Spanish only.

Como todos sabemos, el estado español lleva desde diciembre de 2015 sin Gobierno. A consecuencia de los diferentes sucesos y la materia que trato desde hace meses, hoy voy a descargar la impotencia, el hastio y la incredulidad que este país me provoca en tantas ocasiones, desde cerca y desde lejos.

La Constitución española de 1978, en su artículo 99, establece el procedimiento que se sigue en el Congreso de los Diputados para nombrar al presidente del gobierno, esto es, el candidato que propone el grupo parlamentario que más escaños obtiene en las elecciones generales.
Creo que la situación en la que nos encontramos no deja de ser el retrato de la realidad que vive la sociedad española, las cosas han cambiado.  Nótese que, tal y como el Sr. Rufián mostraba hace unas horas en el Congreso, el territorio – dividido en provincias – muestra diferentes realidades:

Una no entiende claramente como, pero el acolor azul impera a lo largo de la península, lo cual me recuerda a que…

Pero bueno, dejando a parte el incomprensible resultado dados los escándolos, la mala gestión y el supuesto enfado de muchas familias, es la voluntad de la mayoría de la sociedad española que gobierne el Partido Popular, y si ha de ser así, que así sea, pues para eso vivimos en democracia.

El problema ya no es que nos guste más o menos el color del Gobierno, sino salir de la situación  en la que nos encontramos y que es de todo menos beneficiosa.  Sería un buen momento para que los políticos negociaran


La RAE define negociar como “tratar y comerciar, comprando y vendiendo o cambiando géneros, mercancias o valores para aumentar el caudal”, y como “tratar asuntos públicos o privados procurando su mejor logro” o como “tratar por la via diplomática, de potencia a potencia, un asunto, como un tratado de alianza, de comercio, etc”.

Nos puede parecer una obviedad que un político negocie pero si se mira lo que han hecho los diferentes partidos hasta el momento, mucho sobre negociar no se encontrará; además si alguien se sienta a pactar lo llaman “chicle de McGyver” o “Frente Nacional Naranja” (🙈) – sobre lo elocuentes que son nuestros políticos me ocuparé otro día -.

A lo que me refiero es que, no se desbloqueará la situación si los diferentes grupos parlamentarios no llegan a una solución en aras  a los próximos 4 años. En lugar de eso, en el Congreso se dislumbran reproches de todos los colores y el tiempo va pasando… 🕦

Pese a que no estoy de acuerdo con muchas – muchísimas – cosas, entiendo que hay personas muy preparadas en las cúpulas de los diferentes partidos. Por eso, no acabo de comprender porque el PP sigue en sus 13 y mantiene como candidato, pese a todo lo que se ha llegado a publicar, siendo el presidente menos apreciado de la democracia española moderna, y el rechazo que la mayoría de miembros del Congreso manifiestan, al señor Rajoy. Por supuesto que esto no es nada personal, pero si hay algo que Mariano Rajoy ha demostrado en estos últimos 4 años es que capacidad de liderazgo, empatía y buen negociador, no son virtudes de las que pueda presumir:

  • Liderazgo: La última que he leido es que el gobierno en funciones ha propuesto al ex ministro Soria para ocupar  un puesto en el Banco Mundial – vamos, vergonzoso dado el background del ex ministro y los titulares de hace unos meses -. Obviamente no es el único caso, cualquier ciudadano español que se interese por la actualidad política puede haber leido en los periódicos de más tirada un caso de corrupción a la semana en los últimos años (a veces me pregunto si es verdad o si  el editor del periódico esta guasón o si se infiltra alguien de en el país).
  • Empatía: la crisis territorial que vive Cataluña no es consecuencia del Presidente en funciones pero vamos, mucho tampoco han ayudado el ministro Wert o las  continuas amenazas que se tiran unos a otros, dardos de Barcelona a Madrid y  viceversa. Tal vez no puedo ser objetiva en este punto pero, como catalana, muchas veces duele lo poco que el PP ha hecho por mejorar la situación, a parte de sacar del cajón el artículo 155 CE, la unidad de España y el TC. Es tan poca la empatía que ha demostrado, que incluso en su ciudad natal lo han declarado persona no grata. En estos 5 años, ¿no se ha preguntado a él mismo si no hay algo que falla aqui, a parte de si el Madrid ganará la próxima Champions?
  • Buen negociador: Esta claro que si el Sr Rajoy fuera buen negociador, hoy, en España igual tendriamos un gobierno.

Pero bueno, el político español es muy considerado, no se vaya a pensar fulanito, vecino extremeño/andaluz/vasco/catalán, que no lo es. Además, los tenemos de muchas clases, la clase política española es de lo más variopinta que uno se pueda imaginar.

Aqui tenemos para todos, Pedro Sanchez, o “Pedro el guapo”, como lo han bautizado muchos twitteros, no me olvido de ti 😏

Pesa sobre los hombros del Señor Sánchez hacer algo, es decir, ha votado que NO a la investidura de Rajoy y muchos nos preguntamos si va a proponer alguna alternativa o simplemente vamos a dejar que pasen las agujas del reloj. Se dice, se comenta que estos señores lo van a dejar todo en standby hasta que pasen las elecciones vascas y gallegas y yo me pregunto; ¿qué es lo que necesita España? Claramente, lo que no necesita es más actuación pasiva de sus representantes. Todo este alboroto irrita, más cuando el candidato socialista se ha dado aires de grandeza y ya se vestía de presidente en  diferentes intervenciones “cuando yo sea presidente; en mi discurso de investidura…”, además de hablar de las fuerzas del cambio…

Las fuerzas del cambio, de las que muchos están asustados – debe ser el miedo a lo desconocido -,  ahá, y luego nos describimos como open minded y modernos -.

PODEMOS nació como consecuencia directa  de  los recortes y la crisis que han llevado a tantas familias al borde de la desesperación y de la pobreza en España. Todo y haberse hecho un sitio en la actualidad política estatal con su agudez,  Pablo Iglesias ha perdido burbujas en los últimos comicios. Coherente y directo, el podemita puede aún hacer grandes cosas; un pacto PSOE-PODEMOS con la bendición de CIUDADANOS fue durante un tiempo la última esperanza

Finalmente, el naranjito de la política española, Albert Rivera. Criticado por muchos, llamado también Hacendado, el Señor Rivera ha querido formar parte de la historia un par de veces y ahora se ha ganado a que lo recuerde por siempre como “el chicle de McGyver”.

Pero bueno, la complejidad no acaba aqui (ojalá!), en España esta todo por hacer todavía. Por si no fuera poco con lo arriba expuesto, ahora le toca a la seguridad jurídica.

Nuestro Estado de Derecho se basa en la triple separación de poderes: poder judicial, poder legislativo y poder ejecutivo. En esencia son el corazón, el cerebro y los pulmones del sistema y aunque estan conectados, trabajan de forma independiente. Los dos últimos entran en colisión cuando el ejecutivo abusa de su posición ventajosa y hace y deshace a su antojo las leyes, y entonces da igual lo que  la Constitución propugne, que si hay mayorias absolutas o intereses personales ( no populares), la mesa está servida.

Hablo de esto porque la gran mayoría de las veces, un cambio de gobierno equivale a un cambio de las leyes. Muchos opositores, estudiantes de derecho y profesionales (abogados, jueces y magistrados) recordarán la diarrea reforma legislativa del pasado mes de octubre. Se reformaron en profundidad (entre muchas, muchas otras) la LEC y la LeCrim, es decir, cuerpos normativos clave, pesos pesados que llevan siendo víctimas de la voluntad política desde épocas immemoriales con los que se trabaja continuamente en la profesión.  Es como si al médico se le cambiara la instrumentaria para hacer una traqueotomía, así, porque al ministro de turno le parece mejor así.

La seguridad jurídica es un tema sensible, sino que se lo digan a las familias afectadas por la reforma retroactiva de las renovables donde salieron beneficiadas las compañías electricas y que parece que el PP no recuerda. Por tanto, me pregunto si un gobierno que este formado por mas de un color acarreará que se derogue todo aquello que se promulgó el año pasado o no.


Enfin, mi hastio es tan grande, que parece que en España vayamos hacia atrás. Si se compara la situación con la de nuestros vecinos europeos, aun peor #paísdepandereta 💃🏻

Pese a todo, esta bien saber que el viejo y pesado bipartidismo que nos ha acompañado durante los pasados 40 años ha desaparecido. Hace unos días, mientras comentaba la situación con una colega, ésta exclamaba que igual mejor así, mejor unas terceras elecciones que que vuelvan a gobernar otra vez los mismos. En parte, opino que es cierto, pero al final, no es cosa de unos pocos decidir quien debe gobernnar, sino que, el partido vencedor tendría que saber negociar, aflojar la cuerda, llegar a un pacto que pudiera  incluir a más de 2 partidos, dejando atras posiciones absolutistas o invariables donde  poca cosa cambia. Por supuesto se que es imposible hacer feliz a todo el mundo, pero si no se cuenta con los apoyos necesarios, que menos.


Finalmente, me gustaría dejar por escrito que mi ideología política no la se ni yo. Me es muy difcil quedarme con un producto en concreto, cuanto más se menos entiendo. Los comentarios aqui expuestos son simplement eso: comentarios sobre lo que hablo, leo y opino, tildado por un tono sarcástico  o irónico; respeto a todo aquel que tenga una opinión y respete la mia.


Summer in Norway is kind of surprising, you never know what to expect. For second year in a row we have had rain, fog and cold… It did not feel like summer, basically. So, sometimes most of the times I feel like living in a continuos cycle of fall and spring (aka I arrived at the very end of June and I am leaving in a couple of weeks so my summer experience has been pretty short).

In consequence, instead of shopping for fancy, silky and maxi dresses I end up buying coats and mom style jeans and this post is not about how to keep your gorgeous tan for an extra month but about hot trends we predict are going to be a must this season (fall/winter) 👯





Kimono jackets, bombers, dresses, bodies….





Skinny, high waisted, boyfriend, cropped, culotte, mom… In any style babe






From those Stan Smith ADIDAS you got last year to the NIKE Cortez from the 90s that most of us had






Tulle is a thing these days; treat the princess inside of you and take a pink/nude tulle skirt and add a black leather jacket with a body and voilà💃🏻











And because today is FriYAY and I love myself like Kanye loves Kanye, a song by Kanye: WOLVES


Have you ever got that famous text, you know, the “it’s-not-you-it’s-me” text?

Well, I did. Last September I got a crush and he end up… I’m not going to explain that story (at least not today).

Oh boy, RELATIONSHIPS… FEELINGS… What’s that? Isn’t that a disease?

Those famous words can make a guy magically disappear, kinda he got kidnapped on his way back home and you never knew anything about the hottie again or maybe your awesomeness made him faint, WHO KNOWS!

Whatsoever… My point on this topic is the dynamic of relationships nowadays.

I define myself as open minded but I don’t know if we are all scared or if we, literally, suck it. I mean, last year I met a few guys, most of them had in common one interesting trait: let’s have fun but, babe, let’s not think about feelings, this is only s-e-x, uhm. So you fuck me and, so far, if we are nothing I can’t get mad if you slept with 5 girls more last saturday, cause you know, we are cool, and young and we are not going to have feelings. Like you can control what your freaking heart feels.

Well, it’s not like I want to marry the first guy I meet but what I mean is that most of us think that we are gonna know ourselfs better if we have sex with 400 different people before turning 30.

I am not generalizing – I hate that – but we are just so comfortable and scared of feeling something out of our control that we preffer the easy, the less complicated way,  and we often forget that good things, most of the times, require some effort.

We prettend all the time, everything requires an equivalent on likes, the more you get, the better, the cooler you are. We text. Texting over calling, hooking up over talking, drinking over getting to know people.

The real stuff, nowadays called “corny” is just too complicated, too much of an effort of your precious time.

Once, I met this guy, we decided to meet for a coffee after a few weeks texting. We actually went for a coffee and we did not kiss goodbye on the first date. I was amazed, that was weird, not what I got used to (you usually kiss or hook up on the first date and who cares about the 3 dates rule anymore [hint, hint, irony]). Explaining this to my sister – 11 years older –  that was nice but strange that he did not even kissed me, she said “well sweetie, that’s the normal thing to do, don’t you think so?“).

So, at some point, I don’t know if it’s me or the world that goes too fast, or maybe is the cycle we get into. 

Do not misunderstand me… It’s nice to be single, but when I meet an interesting guy and he comes with the same old song, it’s just buh, I’d rather get a car, my dog and hit the road for a few weeks, I’m just emotionally tired of bullshit of all kinds.

All this stuff reminds me why I started this post.

I am far from being perfect, in fact I am really young still and the older I get the more I realize how many things left I have  to learn. Even though I am writing this, the past months I hurt somebody and somebody hurt me, and even after the lessons I thought I had learnt, sometimes I still make the same old mistakes.

That guy that dumped me (and the rest of the assholes I have found on my way) teached me a valuable lesson: sometimes things won’t work out but that does not give you the right to humiliate people or to make somebody feel like they are not enough. We miss the main point when we lose respect for each other.

So, after all this fancy and deep bullshit, please boys, treat ladies with respect, be a man about it and think about karma, you get what you deserve.

Hey everyone!

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We are two friends from Barcelona/Girona currently finishing our degrees in Arabic studies (Arantza) and law (Montse).
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